Monnone Alone – “Cut Knuckle”


Lost and Lonesome cut through the fray yet again with another great band that’s winning my heart. Monnone Alone, is not, as the name would imply, a solo venture from songwriter Mark Monnone (Lucksmiths) but rather a full band featuring members of Architecture in Helsinki and Mid-State Orange. The first single from the group’s upcoming LP, Summer of the Mosquito, is the absolutely swimming “Cut Knuckle,” a gorgeously catchy jangler filled with 12-string strums and a chorus that seems ready to poke through the sky. The song stands alongside new cuts from The Chills and The Bats as an extension of the Aus/NZ jangle-pop prominence that bubbled over between ’86 and ’90. While the song will appear on the band’s upcoming sophomore outing, they’re issuing it as a standalone as well with the decidedly more reserved “Difficult Boy” on the flip.

The b-side is still besot with jangles, but this time they’re set to saunter and Monnone keeps the hook subtle, though no less affecting. The pair of tracks makes a strong case for the upcoming LP, out next year. There are plenty of good vibes rising out of Melbourne these days, but few are as arresting as the charms on “Cut Knuckle.” The band is making all the right moves here and I can’t wait to see where they go next.

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