Mixtape: Walking Backwards: An Alt-Pop Sampler 1990-1999


Oh, I suppose the nostalgia for the ‘90s is coming for us all, and as this generation becomes the predominant music running through the background of stores and every peer’s got a playlist, I was looking for something that skewed a bit outside the norm — all vibes, no hits. Strewn with crunch-pop crushers, power pop, loner odes, and the fizzing edge of grunge, Walking Backwards is a collections of some of my favorites that don’t seem to be popping up in public these days.


Superette – Touch Me
3Ds – Outer Space
Fur – Cloudface
Permanent Green Light – Wintertime’s A-Comin’ Martha Raye
Choo Choo Train – Catch Another Breath
Radish – Simple Sincerity
Poster Children – If You See Kay
Texas Instruments – Walking Question Mark
The Loud Family – Idiot Son
The Orange Humble Band – Down In Your Dreams
Chainsaw Kittens – Biiss (We’re Small)
Hypnolovewheel – Peace of Mind
Sneetches – I Think It’s Alright
The Moles – Bury Me Happy
Eric’s Trip – Girlfriend
Chris Knox – Half-Man/Half-Mole
Bill Fox – My Baby Crying
Godstar – The Brightest Star
The Young Fresh Fellows – Tomorrow’s Gone (And So Are You)
The Blondes – Suzi Quatro
The Dentists – Pocket of Silver
Ultra Vivid Scene – Mirror To Mirror
East River Pipe – Make A Deal With The City

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