Mixtape: Quadraphonic Chalet – A Prog/Jazz/Psych Explosion


This mixtape is a collection of current favorites that all ride the line between seventies psychedelia, exploratory prog, and pulsing jazz rhythms. A soundtrack to intrigue, double-crosses, and murder. The synths seem as smooth as Formica, buzzing with life. The drums push the red and saxes tangle with flutes in hand-to-hand combat. Danger lurks around every corner! Beware the Chalet!

The looks and direction were inspired by the soundtracks and reissues from Light in the Attic, Finders Keepers, and Death Waltz and its meant to work as a sort of imaginary soundtrack.

Belbury Poly – They Left on a Morning Like This
John Carroll Kirby – Sensing Not Seeing
Paisel – Cause Yourself To Rise, Gong
John Dwyer (Witch Egg) – City Maggot
Djinn – Love Divine
Al Doum & The Faryds – Satieva
CAVE – Dusty
Brigid Dawson and the Mothers Network – Ballet of Apes
De Lorians – Ship of Mental Health
Possum – Heywood Floyd
The Silence – Tautology
Badge Epoch – Consensus Reality
Dire Wolves – I Control The Weather
The Cosmic Range – The Gratitude Principle
Mildlife – Citations
Forma – Rebreather
tarotplane – The Rescheduled – Dream Delivery Service

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