Mixtape: Pretty Please Me


The second installment in RSTB’s mixtape series is here and this time, rather than go for a straight genre dig I’ve taken some inspiration from classic ’80s soundtracks like Valley Girl, Rock n Roll High School, Up The Academy or Pretty In Pink. The mix imagines the same kind of coming of age nerviness that fueled the best music directors at the time, finding a balance between power pop, punk, new wave and glam that doesn’t put any hard divisions between the camps. It’s just a bit of fun and a good excuse to have Sparks and The Flesh Eaters share space. Tracklist, stream and download after the jump.

1. Trend – She’s Hi-Fi
2. The Phones – I’m So Neat
3. The Wasps – Teenage Treats
4. Sparks – Fill-Er-Up
5. Advertising – Lipstick
6. Nikki Sudden – Six Hip Princes (version)
7. The Quick – Pretty Please Me
8. Magazine – I Love You, You Big Dummy (Peel Session)
9. De Cylinders – I Wanna Get Married
10. Hubble Bubble – Last Cigarette
11. Buzzcocks – Nothing Left
12. Flys – Night Creatures
13. Japan – The Unconventional
14. Tubeway Army – You Are In My Vision
15. Be Bop Deluxe – Third Floor Heaven
16. Toy Love – Pull Down The Shades
17. The Flesh Eaters – Tightrope On Fire
18. Bobb Trimble – One Mile From Heaven (Short Version)

Download the mix HERE via Zippy.

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