Mixtape: Conversation Pit


This mix is a bit of a sequel to the Quadraphonic Chalet mix I did a while back. Also an imagined soundtrack, but instead of intrigue and murder, this one is primed for late night sojurns into thought. A collection of new cuts that ride the line between heady psychedelia and plush jazz with turns at library music, prog, and exotica. The mix sparks life into the conversation, adding layers of intrigue, mixing with the wine to make the head swim and the heart pound. The Pit pulls you in and before you know it dawn’s light has streaked the sky.


1. TWÏNS – Desert Mother
2. Maston – Storm
3. Kolumbo – Imperial Bikers MC
4. Badge Époque Ensemble – Undressed in Solitude
5. Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek – The Trip
6. William Parker – Tabasco
7. Population II – Les Vents
8. London Odense Ensemble – Jaiyede Suite pt. 2
9. L’Eclair – Cebando
10. Circles Around The Sun – Tacoma Narrows
11. Revelators Sound System – Grieving (edit)
12. Sessa – Canção da Cura
13. Wax Machine – All I Can Do
14. Al Doum & The Faryds – Here We Gong
15. Rich Ruth – Older But Not Less Confused
16. Jeff Parker – Go Away
17. Cochemea – Curandera

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