Milkweed – “Eelgrass”


Crackling through the speakers like a lost transmission out of time, tucked away into the AM static and ionospheric haze, is the first taste of an upcoming cassette from UK folk outfit Milkweed. With an air of mist and mystery that might be a fine fit for those enamored of Weird Walk, Children of the Stones, and the psych-folk renaissance of the early Aughts, “Eelgrass” is an entrancing invitation into the world of The Mound People. Atop a metronomic pulse, the band picks out at funeral folk incantation that feels like it may have been unearthed while digging out the back garden — a secret hymn cocooned in dirt and rust, just barely dusted off enough for the magnets to pick up its pre-dawn magic and send it slaloming through the tubes and transistors. All text and images for the record are sourced from The Mound People: Danish Bronze Age Man Preserved by PV Glob first published in 1974. The new album is out March 5th.

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