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Matt Lajoie’s current run of improvised records has been fruitful to say the least. Spanning three recordings over the past couple of years, and drawing from an elemental aura — the first water, the second fire, and now an album of songs meant to return to the earth — his latest finds Matt nudging the album to life with a horticulturalist’s eye. Recorded over two 45-minute sessions on an unfamiliar instrument (a borrowed Danelectro 59M 12-string electric guitar) Red Resonant Earth folds in many of the themes of his previous two outings, the tone shifts, but he lets the dewy air feed his creation and the sun’s warmth urge the seeds of songs to fruition.

At its core there’s a must of soil that hangs heavy, but more so a feeling of growth and of life to the pieces. Songs like “Rusted Chalice” and “Gilded Hilt” have a cyclical nature to them — blooming, stretching, receding. The songs turn towards the sun in slow movements. They inhale anxieties, exhale focus. It’s easy to get lost inside of Lajoie’s playing, but once the dream of strings evaporates into the air, the peace lingers in the synapses long after. If the Everlasting Spring and Paraclete Tongue already grace your collection, then I don’t think any convincing is needed, but newcomer or old, this is another strong argument that Lajoie’s works are essentials antigens to the forces of chaos constantly brewing.

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