Frank Maston has found his way the the crux of psychedelia, lounge and library time and time again, but this time he’s kicking into the famed KPM library in an official capacity. With a history in particularly sumptuous psychedelics, playing with Jacco Gardner and producing albums for Paint and Bifannah, it wasn’t too far a departure when Frank sliced his namesake down to just the surname and began exploring instrumental works that would evoke a whole world of instrumental masters. From the dark corners of Roland Hollanger, to the exploitation impulses of Jean Bernard Raiteux, and the seascapes of Dominique Guiot, there are a lot of classic touchstones to Frank’s work, but what has always guided the tiller of Maston is the famed Greensleeves of the KPM catalog.

The catalog, a division of EMI, has long been a source for sampling (Danger Doom, J Dilla, Four Tet, etc) and for Library aficionados alike and now Frank’s Panorama sits in the collection that seems to have lead him so far down the shimmering rabbit hole of ‘70s instrumental pop in the first place. Good news is that with the digitizing of the whole KPM catalog in 2019, this and the entire rest of the 1000 + catalog are all available to stream and download. Its an expansive library that can sink literally thousands of hours of listening to find the right sounds. Maston’s collection skews towards the pastoral with flutes and sauntering organs bumping against springtime crisp guitars leading the charge. Its another excellent entry to the Masoton and KPM catalogs, both as use for integration into a project, or as a standalone album alongside the past masters he’s emulated.

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