Marisa Anderson & William Tyler – “Lost Futures”


Two kindred spirits let out a collective sigh today with the announcement of Marisa Anderson and William Tyler’s collaborative album Lost Futures. As is the case with many artists from the last year, the album was a result of plans that immediately became untenable. Tours were scuttled and a project that had once seemed hard to schedule fell into place. The pair met working on a Portland show commemorating the life and works of David Berman and found themselves linked by craft and character. Anyone who has spent some time with both artists can see quite a few Ley Lines forming between the pairs’ catalogs and what they’ve worked out together is a testament to their individual styles and the true nature of collaboration. The first cut from the LP, the title track from Lost Futures, bears marks of Tyler’s rippling, panoramic style, and Anderson ably counterpoints him with hushed, painterly touches that splash her own colors across the mind. If there was ever a track that sounded like two artists dancing with one another, this might be it, as each makes space for the other tumbling and leaping across phrases with nimble joy and resigned sadness.

As the pair explain, the album and song take their name writer Mark Fisher’s cultural theory of the loss of potential futures, the hopes and ideals which once felt inevitable but have since been interrupted. It’s a good encapsulation of the current world state and the feelings of mutable hopes come through in the duo’s stringwork. The record arrives August 27th from Thrill Jockey.

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