Major Leagues


Aussie quartet Major Leagues makes good on some solid EPs leading up to their Popfrenzy debut. The band has fully embraced their woozy, sun-streaked pop on Good Love, saturating every second with a humid giddiness that stretches far longer than the runnout on the last track. They edge delightfully into dream pop, pushed by a slight jangling undercurrent that sparkles so subtly and persistently that its hard not to squint at the glimmer. Harder still is resisting the impulse to inhale deeply the narcotic vocals of Anna Davidson, who anchors the album with her willful restraint.

When she does break out into a full on pop charger (“It Was Always You”) the rush is that much sweeter, knowing that the band could tumble headlong into indie-pop bounce at any moment, but they choose to polish their opalescent hooks to a gorgeous shimmer. They trade exuberance for a permanent holiday of cool and composed, an album full of textures that teases its way into your heart handily. This one’s an instant hit that only grows roots with repeated listens.

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