Mac Blackout Band – “Rise Up”


Mac Blackout’s been kicking around these parts since lo-fi was king and the tape hiss grew tall and wild. Now scrubbed up, glammed and rocking things in heavy psych boots, the man and his band are releasing Burning Alive next month and preceding the album is the bulldozer of a single, “Rise Up”. The track is ostensibly a call to arms, laid into the fold of a garage-psych juggernaut, and spraying fire at the very seams. Blackout’s outfit is hardly the same band that was sketching scratchy tales in the wake of Blank Dogs all those years ago and in fact this hews much closer to his run fronting Mickey. Now they’re finding their bearings somewhere between the codpiece bravado of Kiss and the iron gauntlet of Wolfmother circa 2004/2005. I mean that in the absolute most complimentary sense. Revolution rock could use a twenty foot tower of fire to stomp out the storm and Blackout’s making it fun to riot in the streets again.

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