Liam Kazar (feat. Andrew Sa) – “No Time For Eternity”


This one has been burning at the edges of my consciousness for a while but I haven’t had a chance to shout its praises. Liam is one of those artists whose work you know without knowing his name. He’s worked on records from Jeff Tweedy, Steve Gunn, Chance The Rapper, and Daniel Johnston, but this marks the first time that his name appears above the fold. The album is dipped in a ‘70s songwriter sheen, immaculately put together and floating in a kind of lonesome haze. On “No Time For Eternity” he embraces the wounded country corners of the era and brings along fellow RSTB fave Andrew Sa as they blur the bounds of time, feeling like the song had to have already existed somewhere in the tragic fabric of the universe waiting to be divined by someone attuned to the air. The equally melancholy video is simple, but parses the song’s feeling of grasping at slipping time. Liam’s record Due North is out this week from Mare, Kevin Morby’s imprint under Woodsist Records.

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