Lewsberg – “From Never To Once”


Been chewing on this Lewsberg album over the weekend and both the singles have hit hard. In a way there’s a want to stay away from the VU tag, but hell, it’s hard not to lay that one on them. The band makes the low-key twang work for them though, opening this one up with the male/female vocal interplay that rubs away some of the stiff aloofness that usually accompanies bands holding the Reed/Cale template in sway. The Rotterdam band employs a swagger to their sound, letting the rhythmic rumble of minimal guitar roll over the listener in waves. They break the wave with the hesitant tension in the middle, playing with the listener before crashing back into the pull of that groove. Definitely an album to look out for when it hits on April 24 from Texas stronghold of sound 12xU.

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