King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “People-Vultures”


Another drink from the well of King Gizz’ upcoming Nonagon Infinity and this one seems to be a continuation of the musical themes in “Gamma Knife.” The song has the same intensity, driving guitar line and thunder squall that greeted the world previously. The song is an indictment of self-interested parties draining the planet’s resources and as such it’s a nuclear lob in the direction of the corporate behemoths. Its a bleak look, but then again nothing so far from Nonagon Infinity seems like its a day at the park, they left that all behind when the papier-mâché wilted. The record is set to play as part of an infinite loop and hearing these two tracks back to back, a picture of the album’s shape is starting to come into view, ever so slightly. I’m interested to see if, like the suited first half of I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, this one ends up with a brutal kick of tied narrative and tone. Either way, who cares? Its the Gizz and its on fire! This one is, needless to say, one of my most anticipated of the year.

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