KG – Come Closer, We’re Cool


Manufactured Recordings takes on a run of shoegaze rarities that missed their due, including Tempe’s Alison Halo and Santa Cruz’ Bethany Curve. Come Closer, We’re Cool binds up some essential output from French artist Rémy Bux, who’d later use the moniker to work deeper into electronic territory, but here he’s driving squarely in the lane occupied by Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Drop Nineteens and The Lilys. Acting as a compilation of early singles, rather than straight reissue, this release marks the first time much of this has been gathered in one place. The compilation nature of the release allows for some stylistic changes, though Bux mostly keeps his head within the crimson haze of shoegaze’s clutches.

The early work wound up as singles for Lo-Fi Recordings and Orgasm Records. The rest of the release rounds up tracks that were originally slated for release on Slumberland, a move that makes sense when you hear some of the similarities between their mid-nineties roster and the work that KG cycles through. Whatever happened with the album remains unclear, but this release makes a good case for KG as a lost gem of shoegaze for sure. KG remains active and reportedly still returns to shoegaze now and again between heavier electronic work. For the shoegaze stalwarts out there, though, this is a nice treasure trove of bleary-eyed fuzz.

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