Isla Craig – “Song for Boots”

There’s never been a lack of talent coming out of the Canadian coffers, but the country’s psych-jazz contingent always seems like a pocket that doesn’t get as many accolades as it deserves. From The Cosmic Range, to Badge Époque Ensemble, to the more prog leanings of Possum, there are some lovely pockets to be found. Singer-songwriter Isla Craig finds herself straddling this world and the more shrouded environs of folk, having lent her vocals to The Cosmic Range, U.S. Girls, Jennifer Castle, and Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn in the past. She’s already a name among those who comprise this scene. Now, with a new record on the way from Idée Fixe, Craig aims to raise her profile like her contemporaries, bridging jazz and folk with subtle psychedelic touches. The first single, “Song For Boot” finds her reigning in the headiness a bit, opting for a dark, sorrowful exploration that’s streaked with cottony sax and plaintive piano. The new record, Echo’s Reach, is out November 4th from Idée Fixe.

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