Immaterial Possession – “Mercy of the Crane Folk”


This one feels like it would have caught my attention somewhere around the early ‘00s and I applaud Fire for picking up something this steeped in psych folk and drama at this juncture. Coming on with the firelight flicker and potion-soaked soul of something like Odawas, Feathers, The Occasion, or The Gris Gris. The title track from the band’s upcoming album curls with curdled smoke, its acrid plumes of psychedelic folk pushed by an undulating rhythm section. The video captures the drama and mysticism of the track with costumed excess that plays into the Athens band’s theatrical qualities. I’m all for a return to the free folk and New Weird America days, lets dip back into woolier productions and psych-folk splendor. The new album, Mercy Of The Crane Folk, is out May 5th on Fire Records.

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