Human Adult Band – “Peace To You, Sister”


I have to admit that my queues for reviews are stuffed and I’ve been meaning to get to Human Adult Band for some time now, but this new video for “Peace To You, Sister” provides a good quick cut into their latest album Slog Quest Crosstime. While the New Brunswick band can, and quite often does, get way heavier and noisier than they do on this cut, “Peace To You, Sister” provides a welcoming inroad to their noise rock rumble. The song has a gritty gravity to it, hearkening back to a pre-masses honor roll of Sub Pop. It hints at the atomic blast dirge damage of Tad and early Mudhoney, giving us all a glimpse of the kind of crust that could be common had we all just let that crew stay sordid and sickened. The band’s album is out now on Feeding Tube, a true gem of bomb-out soul shakers.

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