House Deposit – “Reptiles”


The shamble-down pop of House Deposit recalls the simple, yet bittersweet nook that The Feelies, The Chills, The Bats, or The Verlaines occupied. The band came together out of tragedies and friendship to create songs that are spare, but stacked with heartfelt melancholy. “Reptiles” has a darker streak than some of the other early singles I’ve heard from the band and it’s lonesome, lean sound walks the line between airy indie pop and a tense, bound post-punk sound that’s struggling to break through the jangles. Vocalists Meaghan and Sam bounce their vocals between them with an ease that cuts the tension, but the song is fraught and full of feeling. This one seems to be a low-key release, even by Aussie indie standards, though the initial tape is already hitting a second pressing. Gonna want to keep an eye out for this in the coming weeks.

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