Hot Apple Band – “Changing”


This record is quickly shaping up to be one of my most anticipated for 2023, and a key example of why the year-end lists don’t close until well into December. The Sydney Duo emerged from their Noodle House moniker to embrace life under a Hot Apple Band banner and the new outlook finds them digging further into a ‘70s sound that’s warm, windswept and feeling quite a bit more California coast than Gold Coast. The track finds the band strumming a bit more than on their first couple of singles. Still soaked in a bit of melancholy and reaching out of the cosmic country cradle, but this time there’s a touch of 12-string jangle caught in the bittersweet breeze as well. The song is about drifting relationships — friends who outgrow one another, changes that happen over time that seem incremental but wind up completely shifting the dynamic of who you rely upon. The new album, So Long, Noodle House is out November 24th on Third Eye Stimuli and Earth Libraries.

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