Green-House – “Sunflower Dance”


One of the sly gems that snuck out last year was an EP by Olive Ardizoni under the name Green-House. The pieces were minimal, calming vignettes designed as a communication with plant life and the caretakers of plants alike. It was a cavern of calm in tumultuous surroundings and after a few follow-up pieces, including one for the great Longform Editions, it seems that Olive has a new LP on the way for Leaving Records this year. The first cut, “Sunflower Dance,” is a quietly perfect moment. Underpinned by Ardizoni’s library-bent synths and floating on a slight mist of flutes, it’s a gorgeous three minute respite that lets time outside the speakers slip away. The idea remains to commune with and curate natural spaces in the home, as Olive mentions in the accompanying text. “There’s no need to search out the perfect hiking trail,” they note, the idea of natural connection can be created in the home as well — a symbiotic relationship with the flora that revives each moment of the day. The single will appear on the upcoming LP Living Spaces.

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