Gong Splat (John Dwyer, el al) – “Yuggoth Travel Agency”


As I’ve said before, this jazz wave feels natural on Dwyer and as he steps into his fifth runner in the series the ever rotating cast keeps coming and he’s locked back into the jazz funk fusion that caught hold on series highlights Witch Egg and Moon-Drenched. The propulsion is trimmed a bit here for something of an undulating cloud of cool — squelched in satin and touching cosmic nerve. John sums up the track nicely, “This track reflects more of the free-floating positive energy of this session.   These days of recording were very relaxed and comfortable [and] i think that comes across nicely here in this tune that emulates a swallow’s directionless glide thru sun dappled forest or perhaps the surprisingly mellow barrier break between dimensions.” The new record is on its way to shelves December 17th, so make room before the year is out.

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