Future Museums

On an album fueled by heat and driven by the sun, Future Museums create an oasis of cooling synth stasis that’s locked in place by the magnetism of repetitive motions. Born out of the Texas heat, Harpoon of Sunlight’s focus on the solar scorch seems apt. As temperatures become increasingly oppressive it’s with all means that we might try to hide from or hinder the onslaught of damage that we’ve sown for so long. While it won’t physically lower the heat in the room, mentally the record is a respite. Those familiar with Future Museums should be well prepared to dive into the inner depths with Neil, yet with synths glinting off the glass in the distance and a full heat shimmer caressing the air around it, Lord’s latest for his oft home Aural Canyon is among his finest moments.

Cresting on a kosmiche wave, the album vibrates the atoms in the mind as it washes over in resplendent reverberations. With a patience and purpose, the album lowers the pulse and pursues an inner balance that ’s aided by synth shudders and disembodied voices, thrummed strings and cascading bell tones. There’s a cool water ripple to most here, but on the title track in particular, Lord strips away the urging pulse to let some of the heat finally seep in. The song crinkles to the touch, eating away at the mind like cigarette burns on film. Before long, though, he’s thrust back into the cooler and letting the sweat mingle with iced runs of rhythm once more. The season’s swelter is beginning to ebb these days, but this one feels like it might become a perennial favorite to abate the singe of summer days.

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