Frigate – Dreams of the Deep


Taking a tumble through the catalog of C.C. Records won’t take you all that long but it will unearth a clutch of psych and folk records that were barely heard in their day and remain both incredibly rare and quite sought out by collectors in their respective genres and tax scam aficionados alike. The label included collections of well known songs hidden with fake track titles under the name of Snake Eyes, and several releases by bands labeled Brute Force, Conquest, Gift, and Chalice. Most, if not all of them were unceremoniously dumped or hidden away in warehouses to write off massive losses at the time and on a current scan through available copies and original of most of these would set you back a few thousand dollars, as even those that made it to some warehouse shelf only numbered in the low hundreds.

However, one odd gem rises in the C.C. roster, that of Frigate. Whether this was found as a demo recording, friend of the family, or late night studio goof from someone more well known, it remains to be uncovered, but the midnight alcohol sweat is thick on this one. The record is sloppy, but that doesn’t mean it lacks bite. There’s a kind of off-kilter sway to the songs — the drums are too loose, but trying. The guitars are aiming for Eddie Hazel but skewing into more desperate directions. The vocals are half mumbled, half leered in a lascivious rant. That’s to say its a damn classic of psychedelic schlock that was bound to be lost to the collector’s pile forever, but some pioneering soul took up the “bootleg a bootlegger and you cut out the middleman” ethos to heart and needle dropped this one in another scant run under the label D.Q. Records T.U.

Now under most circumstances I’d steer clear of an attempt to cut out an artist, but this one seems pegged from the start to keep the actual artist in the dark and bury this one deep, so any attempt to get this out in the open has to be applauded. Seems like this might go quick to the one’s who know what to look for, but copies seem available in a few spots. Pick one up and douse yourself in this outside bit of lysergic lore.

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