Fake Fruit – “Milkman”


The good ones sometimes get lost in my cavernous inbox, but thankfully Fake Fruit have a new video out as a capper on the release of their eponymous album from earlier in the year. The SF band lands on Rocks In Your Head and the debut is a prime slice of post-punk that feels like it could have been equally at home on Upset The Rhythm or splitting bills with Lithics and FACS over at Trouble in Mind. “Mlikman” sets itself on a tensile tendon of bass, bouncing the rhythmic snap of the track around the speakers with a rubbery delight. Hannah D’Amato proves a piercing songwriter and her guitars snag at the synapses while bantering with her staccato vocals. The song’s a surreal ode to love gone sour and the shelf life of a relationship, focusing on the moment when a person’s outlived their purpose in our life. D’Amato bends the propulsion of post-punk through a warped lens, refracting and melting the track’s bounce at every opportunity. If you missed out on this one, as I did, I’d recommend dipping into the rest of the album as its a damn delight.

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