Eternal Tapestry – “Where The Trees Touch The Ground”


In the face of an overwhelming 2016, sometimes the only answer is to fight chaos with the groove of cacophony. In that respect, I offer up this new track from Portland’s Eternal Tapestry. The Tap has always been an ever evolving unit of like-minded psych warriors, ready to step in and expand or detract their sound as necessary. They’ve had tons of studio cuts that file away at the jail doors of restraint, but I think that to truly see them knock the hinges and run, they need to be in the live setting. Skylantern Records has come to the call and released a double cut live recording of the band playing at Mississippi Studios in Portland with an expanded lineup that ropes in sax and additional players to their sound, bringing a storm of furious psych and an all encompassing din that threatens to pull the scalp away from the skull and burn every layer of worry or concern away in one sonic swipe. The cut here is some of the most intense bits of Eternal Tapestry I’ve heard, wielding hand in the flame style torrents of guitar and Jed Binderman’s drums just pounding ’til there’s no skin left. Its as vital a sound as you’re bound to hear this year, and one that’s aimed to set you at ease through flash fry intensity.

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