Emily Robb – “Solo In A”


Picking up this monster new track from Emily Robb that slipped out a little while back. Robb has a new LP on the way for Petty Bunco and it showcases the indelible burn her brain-rattling guitar. The first song out of the box comes with wafts of Tetuzi Akiyama’s monumental classic Don’t Forget To Boogie, a record equally hung on skeletal guitar scorch, repetition, and riff. “Solo In A” is loose and limber, feeling like it might collapse into a bath of feedback froth at any time, but Robb’s steady hand on the strings follows her muse to just the right places, wielding the threat of chaos like a cleaver. The new record, If I Am Misery Then Give Me Affection, lands on October 6th.

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