Emergency Group – “Inspection of Cruelty Pt. 1”


Straddling the lines of krautrock and free jazz, Brooklyn outfit Emergency Group culls members from Plates of Cake, Tone Poets, and The Jazz Marauders. The band pushes their sound past the ‘70s psychedelic nodes of the free set and into something more rhythmically rooted in the German Progressive tradition. Locking into Brade’s drumming and Mandl’s bass as anchor point, the band creates a springboard to truly let the guitar and keys work of Jonathan Byerly and Robert Boston explore the outer points of the map. The record surfaces later next month on Island House, who have become a solid outfit for not only exploratory guitar works, but also the kind of fringe jazz that’s been populating Astral Spirits and El Paraiso for years. Inspection of Cruelty offers up some of the label’s most innovative works yet. The record is out February 17th.

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