EggS – “Old Fashioned Virtue”


A second single from UK outfit EggS only bolsters the assessment that their upcoming EP is gonna be an essential pickup. While the band remains elusive to the point that even Prefect has a hard time nailing down the specifics of their makeup, it hardly matters who’s on board when the singles keep coming at this quality. Part of me definitely respects the shirking of fame. The band has no social presence, but seems to have some crossover with members of En Attendant Ana, with ranks swelling out to seven members. But that’s all just pretext, “Old Fashioned Virtue” wields guitar clatter in a classic sense, letting the wiry leads and thick ropes of bass dominate while singer Charles (no last name given) belts an impassioned elegy for the old guard that hits notes not too dissimilar from Royal Headache if they were riffling through UK post-punk instead of soul-scratched garage. There’s a sense that if the band wanted to push themselves to into the foreground they’d be readily embraced, but somehow that just makes the single more vital for its understated approach. Check out the video for “Old Fashioned Virture” and nab the single while it sticks around.

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