Ecstatic Vision – “Grasping The Void”


Philadelphia space rock rounders Ecstatic Vision have been searching for the connective tissue between Düül, Hawkwind, and the infinite for the past few years. They found themselves in metal’s arms at Relapse but seem equally on easy terms at Italian enclave Heavy Psych Sounds for their latest album. It’s a scrubbed, but still sonically expansive vision that pushes their German Progressive and Swedish psych soundboard to the forefront and adds some nice embellishments of flute to the vortex of sound. First cut “Grasping The Void” pounds the pulse and aims to blast a Monster Magnet-sized hole in the old guard’s umbrella of motorik churn and echoplex ecstasy. The song’s a dizzying dive down the quasar causeway, searching for some ineffable mind expansion among the grind and gauze of the best Space has to offer. If the rest of this beast is half as heavy as this cut, then we’re in for the best the band’s had to offer yet.

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