Doug Tuttle – “Planting Weeds/Parting Gifts”


Seems like Doug Tuttle is always low key slipping out some singles and EPs these days and its always worth keeping an eye on his Bandcamp. The latest is a double shot of melancholy charms “Planting Weeds/Parting Gifts.” The a-side is keeps the insistent snap of his Pinecone EP, but adds a bit of burn fuzz. The strums and drums lock into head-nod bliss while Tuttle laments stagnation before the charcoal fizz of guitars comes to smoke out the stasis. The flip lets in a bit more sun, but its still draped in his bittersweet delivery crashing in with heavier drums and a tale of love falling to pieces. Both singles are prime Tuttle, more pop than psych these days, but hung heavy with the scars of life and letting Doug’s lament mirror our own ache. The single is out today, nab ‘em now. You won’t regret it.

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