Dominick & The Family Band


It’s not always the case that I get to shout out local artist among the constant influx of music around here, especially with that rather sizable gap in my live viewing schedule. I strapped on the mask and caught Kingston, NY’s Dominick & The Family Band opening for RSTB faves Tonstartssbahnt over the weekend, though, and they riled up a pretty great dose of cosmic jam. The band’s full length from late last year brings a lot of the on stage charms to the studio as well. Hitting on a welcome balance of low-sun country saunter and folk-scented breezes, Dominick Anfiteatro and his assembled band of Kingston locals capture the wave of heat-rippled, denim-dusted Cosmic Americana and make it their own.

The band lets in shades of The Dead/New Riders axis live, but leans further towards a less percolating pot with the stage lights left behind them. On Body Wave Heat Whatever they’re bringing to mind the quavering tenderness of Vetiver and the broken spirit sway of Doug Paisley. The exception being the more gnarled grind of “Lights Out,” which captures a bit of what the band bring to the stage, though it feels like they cut short their urge to band this into an 8-minute opus on record. The album is a vulnerable, bittersweet collection that blooms on repeated plays into a quiet stunner. As The Family Band’s odes open, shaded corners brighten and the air grows thick and sweet, heavy with the scent of summer on the way. This one likely got swept away in a pretty packed ’21, but as we near the oncoming return of warmer air, this might just be the perfect time to get Body Wave Heat Whatever into your life.

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