Dom and the Wizards – “Classical Antiquity Sunsets”


Must be a good day to wobble on the edge of consciousness because yet another skewed view lands from Dom & The Wizards, the new band from Dom Trimboli of RSTB faves Wireheads. The latest song teters between stream of consciousness Syn Barret soliloquies and Kevin Ayers’ melted pop wonderland. With the violin strings floating through the headspace, in one ear and then out the other in trembling tension, Trimboli pairs their quiver with the barroom roll of piano. His excellently staggered delivery wanders the field with an inebriated confidence, prowling through the twilight hours with a queasy glee. The record lands on April 2nd on his home at Tenth Court. This is the second offering from The Australian Cyclone Intensity Scale and yet more reason to get it on your radar.

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