Dividers – “Arkansas”


The past few years have seen no drought of Cosmic American music, but a good deal of those records have been wrapped in a crisp, rippling aura that hangs on the wide skied delivery, ambered sunlight glinting off of the corners of the pedal steel. So, when the softly swaddled hum of Dividers comes sliding out of the transistor tweeters it warrants a cocked ear to their woolen approach. Their recently released EP kicks up dust between alt-country nodders and the Stones’ twang-bent catalog classics, but they reach for something further over the horizon than a few of their peers. Combining their honey and leather lather with a narcotized strain of lockstep oblivion, the band licks the barroom floor and dives into the vortex of Spacemen 3, Flying Saucer Attack, Loop. They use the frothed din to back up their trippled-dubbed doses of New Riders vibes and Commander Cody xeroxed runs caught in the copier. The vibes get especially dense on the standout “Arkansas” which lets the band linger in the melted headspace a bit longer than the others. An excellent first EP. Can’t wait to see where they go next.

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