There’s a relatable weariness to the psych-blues quiver of Dimples. The band, the duo of Greg Hartunian and Colby Nathan, has existed for a few albums but the latest finds them pairing up with Feeding Tube. Soul Chateau is one of the band’s most enveloping releases yet. Created in the wake of a life-threatening crash on California’s Highway 5 that left Hartunian house-bound for a long period of time, the record is a kind of cocoon of psychedelic comfort. Sliding like oils against one another, the sounds on the album bubble and billow. Soul Chateau is half glue-riffed “Planet Caravan” smolder shot through the post-Syd Floyd filter and half honey-dipped slow-motion Americana.

That slowness is enticing. The songs on the album invite the listener to likewise slow down the stimuli around them and hover in the haze for a while. Hartunian’s voice pushes against the pulse of the record. A troubadour lacquered in tar and sap, but far from trapped in amber. The slow-motion psychedelics often skew towards the serene, but on tracks like “Luxury,” or “Hissing Curtain,” there’s an edge of anxiety that gnaws at the bliss. The darkness doesn’t pervade, though, and the bulk of Chateau is a vortex of languidity that’s hard to resist. With some New England psych-scene regulars in the mix, like Big Blood, Tom Kovacevic, and Keith Waters, the record takes its place among some of the most enticing from Feeding Tube’s 2022 crop. Definitely recommended that you drop into Dimples’ world.

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