Dave Harrington (ft. Chris Forsyth / Ryan Jewell / Spencer Zahn) – First Flight REDUX

Last year one of the one of the most essential Bandcamp Day releases came as a live recording from Chris Forsyth and a one-off combo of Dave Harrington, Ryan Jewell, and Spencer Zahn. The quartet had descended on Nublu for an improv set that was transcendent in its interplay and showcased the assembled crew as the exemplary players they are. Somehow, for this month’s no-fee Friday, Harrington has one-upped that release by spending some time in his Los Angeles studio chewing on the stems of the original and turning it into something new. First Flight Redux is built on the bones of that live recording, but pushes the set into a whole new headspace. Harrington pulled apart the set and incorporates loops and samples plus a variety of additional keys and synths, bass guitar, percussion, congas, pedal steel, bamboo flute, the Turkish stringed instrument cümbüş, and the North African double reed instrument ghaita. The final result is hardly recognizable as having come from the source, but it becomes an essential companion piece — a heady, dub-scrubbed, psychedelic mind-fuck that’s chewing on every synapse it can get its hands on. The new LP is out September 3rd from Forsyth’s own Algorithm Free.

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