Daniel Romano’s Outfit – “Nocturne Child”


As a man who’d taken 2020 as a challenge to beat King Gizzard at their own game, Daniel Romano remains on track to make 2021 another massive year for himself musically. Gearing up for another tandem release of live and studio slices, he unveils the first cut from the latter today, giving us all the southern rock simmer of “Nocturne Child.” Coming on like The Stones fresh out of Muscle Shoals, the song is full of classic swagger — hand-claps, horn blasts, and a sneer to die for. I have to admit that Romano’s proficiency at knocking out record after record packed with hooks, dodging genres with the skill of a pop chameleon, and coming out on top is damn impressive. The upcoming Cobra Poems feels like a proper successor to How Ill Thy World Is Ordered, and it should pop near the top of your anticipated list for the year. The band eschews the rock n’ roll image in the video, flipping the gangs in the street image into a wholesome band of good Samaritans on the prowl. Its a heartwarming pairing with the song’s lawless rumble. The new album is out September 10th from You’ve Changed.

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