Daniel Romano – “A Rat Without A Tail”


You certainly have to hand it to Daniel Romano, the dude’s got a work ethic. After holing up during the pandemic with a band that was already slated to be on tour for the next few months, the man’s pumped out an astonishing string of albums over the half a year, producing a digital-only catalog that would cast a shadow over most band’s works instantaneously. This marks his 9th release of 2020 and it’s a proper distillation of his sound — rooted in the ‘70s road-worn sound that could hop from Midwest roadhouse to L.A. main stage with ease. The songwriter’s dashed through country corners and let the buttons draw tight on a sound that’s practiced but not so polished that it feels manufactured. The Outfit, as he’s want to call his band, keeps the stew bubbling to a simmer and it all comes to a head on “A Rat Without A Tail.”

Romano’s songwriting is dashed across the stars, with a touch of power pop threading through, but ragged enough that it feels like the songwriter’s still got the marks of crashing on a couch in his recent past. It’s clear that this album might be the launch point for an artist that’s already built up a heavy live reputation and with the last year, a fervent Bandcamp following as well. This is just the very hint of Romano’s prowess and I implore you to dig in further with abandon.

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