Daniel Bachman – “Blues in Anthropocene”


Another peek into the corroded splendor of Daniel Bachman’s upcoming Axacan, part of Three Lobed’s 20th Anniversary run of records this year. “Blues In The Anthropocene” finds Bachman’s languorous picking buried in samples of metallic scrapes that poke through the speakers with an insistence that’s hard to shake, like the itching of a restless mind. Further, it’s doused in an atmospheric drizzle that pulls the collective gloom of a year in isolation around the listener. It’s unrelenting in its feeling of resigned doom, which perhaps might sound unappealing to some listeners, but to others might be just the reflection they’re looking to see in the world. The song’s backdrop is created by “rusted tools being throw into a dumpster, high pitched feedback from a radio broadcast, and a storm on Bachman’s familial homestead Ferry Farm — a reputedly haunted plantation and Civil War battlefield.” Bachman’s album is a scalpel deep into the heart of the American consciousness of late and few of the tracks present the lament and laceration better than this one. The new LP is out May 7th.

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