Cosmic Guilt – “Silver & Lead”


Came across this one, as I often do with a design connection. The cover of Cosmic Guilt’s debut was designed by great new illustrator Madalyn Stefanak, and it lead me to the sprawling Philly collective’s album. Steeped firmly in the new wave of Cosmic Americana, the band pushes the formula into multi-part harmonies and country-tossed twang. The album closer “Silver & Lead” is a standout of the bunch, and it serves as a great anchor point to the band’s eponymous record. With its feet in a rambled roots sound, the song is punctuated by gleeful gang vocals that rattle back at James Everhart’s smoked leather drawl. There’s a slippery slide underneath the song, a tin flash of harmonica, and late-night bar beat of percussion that gives it a loose feel. The band’s debut follows suit, making for an intriguing debut this month.

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