Cool Ghouls – “Helpless Circumstance”


Happy to have some more news out of the Cool Ghouls camp today. After that stellar first single from Ryan and Alex’s Supreme Joy, the Ghouls themselves announce a new album on the way from Empty Cellar in March. “Helpless Circumstance” finds the band right back in the sunshine glow of their stum n’ twang, with the harmonies as thick as ever, but this time the band moves the needle from ‘60s tangle to an ‘80s underground swell that hits the hearts of Homestead, Throbbing Lobster and Bus Stop fans. The skies feel wider, but the smog seems a bit thicker on “Helpless Circumstances,” with the cheery melodies shuddered by uncertainty and sighing heavy with melancholy. There’s been a groundswell of new janglers lately, but the Ghouls have always been ahead of the curve on that front. Nice to see that the band evolving their take while still checking off more than a few boxes that feel quintessentially bound to the band. The new LP, At George’s Zoo is out March 12th from Empty Cellar in the US and Melodic in the UK.

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