Chris Forsyth – “Experimental & Professional”

All right, catching up after a week away and it seems that everyone had something to announce. I’ll try to hit as much as I can today to recap. This one’s been on my radar, but amazing to see Chris’ new LP announced. After the excellent All Time Present, and an absolutely fire run of live LPs and collaborations, Chris is back with a new one slated for release this fall on No Quarter. He starts out cutting deep with the album opener, a razorblade with a motorik heart, featuring a stacked casted of drop-ins. Alongside album mainstays Tom Malach (Garcia Peoples), Douglas McCombs (Tortoise), Dave Harrington (DARKSIDE, Taper’s Choice), and Ryan Jewell, the song ropes in the legend Marshall Allen and Bill Nace. The song’s stung with liquid neon and motor oil, a late night rider that’s full of menace and heat. The interplay between and Nace is making me particularly excited for their pairing at the upcoming Deep In The Valley Fest in August. The new album, Evolution Here We Come, is out August 29th.

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