Chris Forsyth / Dave Harrington / Ryan Jewell / Spencer Zahn – “Nublu Jam”


As its the first Friday of the month, that means that artists are bringing out some great new offerings so that you, the listener, can help support music during a time of unstable touring incomes. First of a couple recommendations here today. If you’re missing out on the live experience, then Chris Forsyth has you covered. Back when the live room was still a good idea he got together a residency at NYC’s Nublu with a rotating cast of players each week. While stints with Garcia Peoples yielded great takes on Forsyth’s already stunning catalog, this set from the residency was the most exploratory. It puts players who have played together for years together with players just meeting that night, with Chris and longtime drummer Ryan Jewell joining up with Dave Harrington (Darkside) and Spencer Zahn. With no pre-conceived notions of where the night would take them, they present a set that’s untethered from any of their pasts yet clearly informed by the collective skill on the stage. Pick the LP up now, this is an essential one.

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