Chris Corsano – “The Full-Measure Wash Down”


Percussive luminary and RSTB mainstay Chris Corsano is another name that’s often synonymous with collaboration. He’s been on the dock with Thurston Moore, Ben Chasny, Mick Flower, Paul Flaherty, Evan Parker, Bill Nace, Bill Orcutt, Joe McPhee and countless others. Yet, for his upcoming record on Drag City, he’s going it alone. The kit still plays a central role in the record, but there’s also gnawing, scratching guitar that chews on the raw ends of No Wave and Post-punk. “The Full-Measure Wash Down” exemplifies the album’s caustic crush and urge to draw blood. Check out a video above and look for Chris’s new album The Key (Became the Important Thing [and Then Just Faded Away ] ), out June 28th.

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