Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker – “Half Joking”


Drummer Charles Rumback and Ryley Walker re-team for a new record on Thrill Jockey and it pulls them both out of their camps a bit. When we all last left Ryley he was exploring the boundaries of Chicago’s post-rock history. The record lay in stark contrast to his earlier folk works, but opened him up a starker side of his writing. Rumback, for his part has spent the last decade plus exploring jazz complexities with the likes of John Hughes, John Tate, Colorist, and From Beyond. The pair found themselves together on record in 2016 for Dead Oceans, exploring the waters somewhere between Ryley’s Deafman Glance setup and those collaborative moments in Rumback’s catalog. This time, though, the mode is decidedly more serene, hearkening back to some of Walker’s English folk leanings early on. “Half Joking” is a pastoral ripple across the strings that spreads out wide and winsome over the sun-dappled fields. Quite a nice offering from the pair. Look for Little Common Twist out November 8th.

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