Century Palm – “Then You’re Gone”


Nice new cut from Century Palm’s upcoming album. The band grew out of the ashes of longtime RSTB favorite Ketamines, though Century Palm eschew the former’s fuzzed garage for a much more polished form of post-punk with echoes of New Wave poking thorough. Some of the best bits of the new album adopt Gary Numan’s decisive straddle between electronic propulsion and an almost uncomfortable pop fit. “Then You’re Gone” hews close to that side of their spectrum, but seems more comfortable in pop’s shoes. Its got a echo of Krautrock rumble, shimmering synths, and enough New Order know-how to make it all stick together just right. The video sums up the lyrical standpoint of missing a loved one in the wake of sudden absence via a tech heavy tack; distractions eating up time better spent enjoying one another’s company, I suppose. Been rooting for these guys on their last couple of short releases and this album’s come together as a real accomplishment.

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