Bloods – “Feelings”


Been letting this one simmer for a few days but it threatens to blow hour by hour. Bloods have always delivered some great hooks swathed in a scrappy garage/indie vibe, but now they’re onto something more. They wormed their way into my heart back in 2012 and delivered a solid album two short years later, this week they rocket from outta nowhere after a pretty solid quiet period with their most overt pop nugget yet. Admittedly drawing on ’80s power pop / girl group gems like The Go Go’s, the track is glossy, almost tipping the scales too far, but not quite. It’s still got a belly full of fuzzed guitars and a sing-song chorus that’s probably best for shouting with the windows open and that’s about all you could ask for. In all truth this lands a bit closer to Transvision Vamp than The Go Go’s, and am alone in thinking that Bloods might tear up a cover of “Baby I Don’t Care?” Seems like they’ve got an album in the works and for a new U.S imprint no less (Share It Music). Consider me interested to see how they walk that edge, this feels promising, but I know that overproduction can go sour quick. Best not to overthink it though, for now this is a pretty solid bit of fun on repeat.

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