Billy Tibbals – Stay Teenage EP


A steady slew of singles have been flowing out of this EP while the band cut across the US on tour, and now it’s all culled together for those looking for a little glam n power pop in their life. The EP swings out of the speakers on the sighs of “Hollywood Baby,” a heart-heavy breakup ode. The theme of love gone sour remains pretty prevalent in Tibbals’s songs, but what kind of power pop album would be complete without jilted lovers and lascivious lads. The glammed up grease fire of “The Best Day I Ever Had” throws a few palpitations on the pulse before the band slides into a sound that balances the snottiness of The Quick with the satin pomp of Sparks. His love for the former comes out most completely on a non-single standout, “All For You,” which balances the flippant flounce with a crushing guitar hook.

Tibbals is exacting in his exploration of ‘70s excesses, imbuing the EP with a dramatic flair, a libidinous pout, and a glamorous sheen. He keeps the album from tipping towards ecstasy with a pair of softer tremblers towards the end, invoking the string section and some wistful glances on “Three In The Morning,” before capping the set off with a bit of Davies-esque grandeur on “Foreverland.” Along with his debut single for Curation, this is an excellent introduction to Tibbals, an excavation of the past that leaves room for nuance while playing fan service.

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