Bill Orcutt – “Two Things Close Together”


How come no one’s shouting about a new Orcutt record on the horizon? After a masterful duo with Chris Corsano last year, Bill has put the finishing touches on an album that’s been in the works since 2015. The album is just as it says, Music For Four Guitars, all interacting in a sonic diorama that moves to Orcutt’s own particular clockwork. The pieces that are up for grabs on Bandcamp now sparkle with life, a bit brighter that some of his recent, more guttural bouts of composition. Like a stringed chorus, the pieces call and respond, riff and recede in gorgeously hypnotic fashion that’s probably only gonna be matched by 75 Dollar Bill or Horse Lords in the live space. The record is out September 2nd on Orcutt’s own Palilalia imprint.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (digital) or HERE (LP).

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