Bent Arcana – “Misanthrope Gets Lunch” (Live @ Zebulon)


From the first time Bent Arcana hit the speakers I noted that once Dwyer’s combo hit the stage it was going to be a monster. The live desert that developed during the past few years delayed its arrival, but it eventually rose and thankfully the tapes were rolling when they did. The show that’s captured on Live Zebulon was originally meant to be a warm up, the preamble to a bigger set that would commence in the Netherlands with the 10 piece ensemble, but the jump off proved to be a powder keg that couldn’t be contained. With a smaller setup that brought in Ryan Sawyer, Tom Dolas, Peter Kerlin, Andrew Renteria, and Joce Soubiran alongside Dwyer, the group powers through pieces from Bent Arcana & Moon Drenched and light them up in the process. Check out a live version of “Misanthrope Gets Lunch” from the group’s debut. The song is a seether on record and it’s barely able to be bound by the room on this take. The rest of the set is equally turbulent and highly recommended. Live Zebulon is out September 6th from Castle Face.

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